Sites of South Sinai

Sites of South Sinai

Jackson Reef

Reef among the finest in the Sinai region. Jackson Reef is the most northern reef in the Strait of Tiran, has the steep-sided walls.  The current-swept reef is densely grown with a real profusion of hard and vivid growths soft corals with luxuriant gorgonian fans, sea whips and black corals. After sloping down, there is a plateau at about 30 to 60 feet and then the drop-off continues down to 225 feet. There are strong currents that carry divers around the northeast end of the reef. You may see many schooling reef fish as well as open ocean fish, if you look around the reef into the blue waters. The strong current brings plenty of nutrients for reef and schooling fish, pelagic fish, large schools of barracuda, jacks larger predators, several species of shark. Fish life is excellent. On the northern edge of the reef, the wreck of a grounded freighter stands   Most of its hull has been salvaged for scrap, leaving only a skeletal hulk.    Dives begins from this point and proceeds generally northward along the east side of the reef.

Coral Garden (Hushasha)

Located along the southwest coastline of Tiran Island is the coral garden which is also called Hushasha. These garden are a sandy shelf that slopes down from the shore to a depth of about 75 feet  are many coral heads are full of marine life. In the many crevices and shallow caves, you will find regal and emperor angelfish, banner fish,  butterfly fish,  lionfish in the caves and crevices as well as the blue spotted stingrays that can be found in the sand. The typical depth range for the Coral Gardens is 10 to 75 feet.  The expertise required for this area is a novice to advance.

Woodhouse Reef

Woodhouse located between Jackson and Gordon Reefs,  is a long, narrow reef running at an angle form northeast to southwest.Woodhouse is generally dived as a drift along the reef’s eastern side.  Care should be taken not to get pulled around the point here, as you could be swept off the reef into the main shipping lane. Coral cover is excellent throughout the reef, with dense growth all over. Pelagic fish include big tuna and schools of trevally or jacks, fusiliers, snapper, surgeons,  unicorns also school here, along with thousands of other reef fish.

Flasher Reef

Flasher Reef is located between Sinafar Island and Shusha Island, which is to the east. The best time to dive here is at night. As the name suggests, the flashlight fish are everywhere. All you have to do is dive without light and the fish will surround you. The sandy bottom surrounding the reef is covered with sea grasses, seahorses,  where you can see stingrays and hermit crabs, turtles, rays,  Spanish dancer nudibrachs frequent the reef. The Spanish dancer is a real treat to watch dance in your dive light. It is even better to have a video camera running as well. If your dive boat has lights that shine into the water, you may find yourself surrounded by squid as you come back to your boat.

Thomas Reef

Steep sloping reef, which includes some plateau sections and a very deep canyon running along the reef’s southern section. It is the smallest of the four Tiran reefs. Some  section  of finest soft coral growth is express a riot of color  in the Sinai region,  imagine  spread across the reef, along with antler corals, fine stylophora, some acropora and many other stony coral forms. Fish life is  rich here, you can  find here  lyre tail cod, other groupers grow to great size, many varieties of rabbit fish and wrasse congregate along the reef face,  puffer fish like this reef also.

An option for only very experienced deep divers.

Ras Nasrani

Favorite reefs for our guests.Located North of Naama Bay It is  fringing reef has  length: 500 meters (1600 feet), depth: 30 – 45 meters (100 – 150 feet), visibility: 30 meters (100 feet)

The dive starts on a small wall down to about 45m. At the start of the dive you can  find fan corals with a red anemone. The underwater scenery is rich with colorful, coral-covered reefs sea grass.

White Knights

Is famous for its canyon with small caves and crevices.  Discover canyon’s sandy bottom to a sand plateau.  From there the main reef drops off into the deep.  White Knight is  houses a colony of shy sand eels. Here, you’ll have the very real opportunity to see exotic marine life in their own environment including turtles, dolphins and sharks, discover soft and hard corals and reef fish of every size, shape and color not to mention it’s year round sunshine.

Shark Bay

Sharks Bay is a small bay that is located north of Na’ama Bay has a deep  sandy canyon with the   many crevices that contain numerous growths of both hard and soft corals, and many red fish. Sandy floor descends rapidly to depths of 60m. Explore the moderately sloping reef to the south, gradually ascending before turning back to the north the reef is very beautiful,  you might see a barracuda, a spotted eagle ray, or a shark, for which the bay was named. Fish life is interesting here you can enjoy with angels, parrotfish, grouper, and wrasse, morays among the attractions on the reef, rays and flatfish. To the south, the reef has a moderate slope and is well covered in coral.

Beit Goha

This labyrinthine coral garden is extremely easy to get lost in.  Coral reef has  canyons and tunnels. The site is generally very shallow,  has an amazing diversity of coral. The mixture and condition of both hard and soft species is excellent, with big bommies, beautiful tables, extensive soft coral patches, and branching acropora. Thousands of small carpet anemones cover the bottom. The extensive coral habitat reef fish and schooling species, such as unicorns, snapper; while guitar sharks, reef white tip sharks, blue spotted stingrays, crocodile fish   also great many varieties of surgeonfish,  plus grouper, trumpet fish, goatfish and triggers.

Far Garden

Far Garden is located east of Na’ama Bay, becomes a steep wall.  If you descend to 42 meters you will find a small cave. There are some beautiful fan corals,  gorgonian fans worth looking at around. Finally finish your dive on the upper part of the gentle slope whilst enjoying the reef life.

Diving in the Red Sea is really an unforgettable experience. Whether you are a novice or a seasoned dive traveler

Abu Tinun

Abu Tinun is located between Sinafar Island and the eastern end of Tiran Island,  here you will see   sandy shelf, coral heads and sea grasses. The coral heads are home to many  sweet lips, jacks and large groupers wait  cleaner wrasses to remove parasites from them. Overhangs and caves are also found on the corals heads,  in some black coral trees  often  you can meet long nose, hawk fish that are bright red  with sea grasses are the home of many seahorses, eels, cuttlefish and stingrays.

Near Garden

It ideal for night dives from Na’ama Bay, or safari boats. The Near Garden is located northeast of Na’ama Bay (north of Sharm el Shekh),  has a gentle slope which falls away to 20-25m and is a combination of sand and colorful coral.  If you head south from this slope it drops away on an increasingly steep curve. It really is a colorful dive, you can enjoy here  banner fish, long nose & masked butterfly fish,  angelfish.

Turtle Bay

Turtle Bay   quieter than other dive site. Here  some coral pinnacles stand with gorgonians. At the beginning you explore the reef slope about 26m and circling the coral tower where you can see  glassfish,  butterfly fish, anthias, sergeant majors,  and royal angelfish. Also you can enjoy  the northern part where  you cross the coral garden.


Paradise is an easy dive site. You will find here different and colorful landscape, and large areas are covered with soft corals with   beautiful gorgonians and  large corals grow. By going through this superb marine landscape you will be able to admire a host of reef fauna…. from the  parrotfish to the napoleon fish. Also you can see butterfly fish, anthias and more .

Ras Umm Sid

Ras Umm Sid It is renowned for the extraordinary proliferation of gorgonians that create a veritable forest here, the most beautiful in all the northern Red Sea. Start from massive pore coral and descends to 25m, where you pass through the famous gorgonian forest, then ascend to the plateau at 14m. Here among numerous coral pinnacles covered alcyonarians, there are hundreds of reef fish, lionfish, parrotfish and napoleon fish,  discover the small caves with glassfish or pigmy sweepers.


This site lay in the middle of a large bay between Ras Umm Sid and Ras Katy, easy dive here. Sandy plateau at the depth of 6-30m there are three coral pillars look like the columns of an ancient temple, hence the name given. You can swim  around the largest coral pillar and discover a lot of beautiful things from Red Sea. Since “Temple” is rather small, you can explore the site choosing your own route, however, you will see  the beautiful gorgonian with glassfish, many species of butterfly fish, parrot fish, lion fish, batfish,  and napoleon fish.

Ras Ghozlani

This site lies at the mouth of Marsa Bereka, the large shallow bay . The reef reaching 15 meters (50 feet) depth. Vast array of coral at this site. A huge variety of fish, which lives on though all the sites of the Red Sea, which is attractive for divers of all nationalities. Fish  in a riot of scintillating color. This is one of the nicest spots on the Sinai coast. This superb site is not visited by hordes of divers every day so its delicate beauty is preserved.

Ras Za’atir (Ras Atar)

Descending to 30 meters against the steep reef wall you will see spectacular gorgonian fan corals in huge overhangs and colonies of black coral. Lots of caves and gullies, home to resting sharks. The headland has  spectacular red anemone at  A contrast between multicolored corals against a back drop of deep blue where you will find many coral pinnacles that create a coral garden home to many glassfish, lionfish and some large malabar groupers. Enjoy  diverse fish population here.

Anemone City

Anemone City is one of the nicest sites in the Ras Muhammad area. The reef is steeply sloping, cut by deep bays and inlets. The sharp angle profile is broken but here densely grown pinnacles and coral heads . Coral growth is very rich. There are huge numbers of anemone here  prolific fish life. You can see here silvery needlefish, barracuda, a white tip shark, a giant moray.

Shark Reef/Yolanda Reef

We offer you world famous dive site where you will see two emerging reefs which rise from a sandy seabed. Starting your dive on shark reef wall which is covered in multi colored soft corals, shoals of barracuda hang out in the strong currents . Grey snapper, schools of bat fish,  big pelagic fish,   moray eels, stonefish, scorpion fish, napoleon wrasse – all this you can find in  coral garden. There is also a surprise curious and experienced diver – this wreck where you can see  the mast of the wreckage of the Yolanda  in the sandy plateau.

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