Sites of Safaga

Sites of Safaga

Salem Express wreck

Take an impressive dive Salem Express (in translation Express Worldwide) wreck. Beautiful white ship lies on the starboard side at a depth of 10 to 32 meters. Salem Express is a huge size passenger ferry plied the route from Safaga to Jeddah and 15 midnight return.  In December 1991 he returned to the pilgrims from Mecca on board. Because of the storm on the sea suddenly with great force, he was faced with a reef «Hyndman». In the right side was a large hole. The ship quickly sank. Sad fact that the depth was only 30 meters from the shore and had nothing at all … but escaped only 180 passengers.
This is a unique place to dive in the whole area of small depth.  Already enormous size seems to be just a giant ship and immersion horrified divers. Plunging here you can find the remains of the sunken ship, such as screws, boats, great anchors; you can look through the broken glass in the holds. For a moment, for example during admiring the tall mast, there will be a fragile sense of calm. Or one look at the stroller or tricycle – and sneaks body trembling heart …This location is also a huge variety of fish in the prevailing Red sea. You can watch here: boxfish, pipefish, and frogfish. After this dive for a long time before your eyes will stand picture of what happened here shipwreck. As the English say, “Take ONLY memories leave nothing but bubbles”.

Panorama reef

This is one of the best diving sites in the region of Safaga. Oval situated at a distance from the shore and opened the winds and currents. Also known as “Abu Alama“.  One of the largest reefs in the area of Safaga. It is 400 meters long coral block, descends to a depth of 35 meters. Impressive reef remains permanently in memory on divers. Here carpet anemones cover much of the coral block.   Divers can see here grottos, overhangs, huge coral formations; you can enjoy the beautiful fan-like corals. The plateau is full of life – in the bushes of small coral, many small fish that is at once hidden, when the large predators swim. In the reef is a small cave at a depth of 9 meters. You can watch the lively fish shoals, darting into the cave and back. But swim there most not – within the space of just enough to turn around. Here gorgonians and soft corals, jack fish, clown fish, tunas, Red Sea amfiprion, bracken slopes, white tip sharks, barracudas. On the north side and on the southern of the plateau you may find a myriad of different fish such as surgeons, fish rhinos, barracuda, mackerel, huge, reef sharks, gray reef sharks, dolphins, napoleons, moray, flat-shelled turtle,  even oceanic sharks. The most exciting dive on this reef in early morning.

Abou El Kefin

AL Kahfain wreck – this large (115 m) Roll On / Roll steam lies at the depth of the keel up on the bottom of 22-24 m, hull of the ship is constantly crackling, rocks. You can see here some species of fish, very picturesque screws, just a gift for the photographer, in addition to a shallow depth. In the North you can see    beautiful black corals this place is known as a school for young barracuda and turtles. Sometimes swim here reef sharks. In winter, from the depths of the abyss of the sea float mantas.

Umm Hal – Hal

Amazing Hal-Hal is also known as Shaab Quais, which means “beautiful reef.” Perfect place for divers. Virgin site, one of the most colorful reefs that you’ve ever seen. Here, as if the fish never sleep… and you can see tuna, parrot fish, angels, anthias, lionfish, mullets, groupers, turtles, surmullet, painted alutery, one-horned rhinoceros fish, reef sharks, barracudas, and napoleon fish. Closer to the sea surface swim glass fishes, butterflies fish, swarms of small squid. At certain times of year you can see here mackerel. On the south side   you  discover  beautiful coral gardens with the soft corals, near north gorgonian. Sites only for experienced divers.

Gamul Kebir

Visit the beautiful site for diving. You will have exciting experience to watch here large flocks flying of surmullet one-horned rhinoceros fish,   groupers, turtles and reef sharks. Closer to the sea surface can be observed glass fish, here nice reef fish school for butterflies fish.

Saab Shear

Plunge into a unique world that you are still the maze of reefs. Reef has a distinct shape of a boomerang, facing north.  From the eastern part of the reef boomerang (of about a kilometer) dive interesting for all divers from beginners to professionals. Under water we were met by the kingdom of hard corals, fish a little, there is no major. Corals garden reef has black corals in good condition, admire the indented forms of the reef, here you will see a cave, sponges, fish, clown, anemone in the bushes. Swim into them carefully, there are often large groupers resting. Also here two wrecks: one of them remains sunk in 2005, a safari boat. At night the reef is not teeming with life, but you can find – shrimp, arotrony fish, sea urchins, cuttlefish and many others.

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