Sites of Hurghada

Sites of Hurghada

The most northerly site. It is coral garden, is a huge horseshoe shaped reef over 5 km long directly east from El Gouna. Lagoon behind the reef is home to a large number of bottlenose dolphins, huge mantas, moray eels, blue spotted stingrays, scorpion fish, painted triggerfish and leopard groupers. Also white tip sharks, emperor fish, bream, snapper, and unicorn fish near the shallow reef, the most common places to dive being:

Dolphin House – situated at the northern end of the reef.

The channel is used by dolphins. In addition this dive site is a favorite place for turtles, moray eels, napoleon, crocodile fish, rays, large shoals of goat fish, cornet fish, banner fish, greasy grouper, scorpion fish and many colorful corals can be seen on the reef.

Poseidon Garden – this dive is on a large coral block in the lagoon behind the main reef. Reef coral garden has between corals and on the corals clams of many sizes and colors, and also can be seen puffer fish banner fish, butterfly fish.

Abu Nugar

One of best site  of Hurghada sites. Virginal, stunning dive site. This “T” shaped reef has a shallow plateau and some larger blocks, pinnacles very colorful beautiful corals. It is dominated by clams in varying sizes and colors, and different reef fish: cornet fish, tuna, jackfish and occasionally barracuda, parrot fish and unicorn fish. Also in the coral garden see rays, puffer fish, turtle, and dolphins.

Umm Gammar

This coral garden located at offshore Island, so called because this small island to the south east of El Gouna is crescent shaped when viewed from above to see. Pursuing a diving here is a chance to see these fish: glass fish, napoleons, big groupers, angels, morays, large tuna, great barracuda and possibly an eagle.

Shabroah Umm Gammar

This isolated reef. Here, when it suffered a wrecked patrol boat starting which can be seen at a depth of 24 meters. Dive boat is only possible for experienced divers. Here you can watch glass fish, grey reef sharks, morays, and big tuna.

Carless Reef

At this place many coral forests with most coral species, both hard, soft and a dense population of fish. There is the chance to see all types of marine life on the pinnacles reef,  large gorgonians, black corals, large population of moray eels, and some white tip sharks, occasional hammerhead shark early morning, jacks, eels, species of reef fishes, tuna and barracuda.

Torfa Fanus

This narrow reef a great place to stop for dive. Is home to hordes of glass fish, very occasional frog fish, dolphin’s shark, jacks, tuna and barracuda. The reef is however famous for the large population of giant and other morays can find many caves to explore. Of the see plants dominate gorgonians.

Wreck of the El Minya (Harbour Wreck)

The El Minya Wreck lies just east of Hurghada harbor. Enjoy an interesting dive in this wreck site. An Egyptian minesweeper sunk by Israeli fighter’s munitions. A large hole from blast front of the boat through which you can get inside the ship. Still on board this wreck are anti-aircraft, guns   worth a look, but carefully. You can also see here glassfish, clownfish, and small barracuda.

Umm Dom (Stone Beach)

Here the steep cliff of the north east side of Giftun Kebira into the depths to about 12m you will find fusiliers, and triggers maybe sharks and turtles. At the top of the slope you can see  morays, scorpion fish, barracuda and clouds of antheas. Once even whale sharks have been spotted at this site.

Shab Sabrina

The Red Sea – the saltiest sea of members of the oceans.Feature of the Red Sea is that it does not fall into any one river, the river andusually carry the silt and sand, significantly reducing the transparency of sea water. Therefore, water in the Red Sea is crystal clear.

 This site good for beginners, area is known for its beautiful coral landscape.Impressive size coral garden extending to 300-400m. Here were seen moray eels, yellow mouth eels, lionfish, stonefish, dolphins.

Small Giftun

 Immerse yourself in this beautiful picturesque reef, to see a lot of bright colorful fish, mammals, mollusks, algae. Know the depth of theRed Sea. Here you can   see picturesque coral, large tunas, turtles, moray eels, crocodile fish and spotted stingrays, as well as schooling fusiliers and goatfish, small barracuda.

Gota Abu Ramada

Would you like to swim in “aquarium “? Watch for the wealth of marine life. There is an abundance of hard and soft coral, butterfly fish, banner fish, snappers and goatfish are found swimming around coral gardens, sweet lips, triggerfish, crocodile fish, stonefish, couple of eagle rays that have made this reef there home…Swimming here you get an amazing experience, acquainted underwater world of the Red Sea.

El Aruk Gigi

Plunge into the world until now you incognizant adventure, if you had never dived it does not matter; our experienced instructors will help you. Kingdom of Neptune within the Red Sea will surprise you with a great diversity of flora and fauna of almost all shades and colors of the rainbow and you will find one of the most beautiful seas in the world a little closer. Here you can admire garden eels, glassfish, red mouth grouper, lionfish, barracuda, napoleon fish.

Ras Disha

This site good for snorkeling and for diving too. In the fringing reef, which surrounds this cape you can see barracuda, napoleon fish, groupers, clown fish, crocodile fish, white spotted puffers, lion fish, scorpion fish, octopus, muses sole, pipefish, mantas, shrimps, flat fish and a lot of more…

Abu Hashish

Abu Hashish (is topped by a sandy plateau) means ‘Father of Grass’ so named because a large area of sea grass found at this site. Site is sloping wall leaving the bottom. The dive consists on exploring sloping wall. Here you can see beautiful pinnacle landscape. It is home to blue spotted stingrays, cuttlefish, tiny octopus, crab and a hermit crab, puffer fishes and morays.

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