Sites of Hamata

Sites of Hamata

Fury Shoal

Fury Shoal is a large system of reefs growing on top a shallow shelf 13km (8 miles) offshore to the north of Ras Banas.  Here you can take excellent dives. These include the Tientsin, a fantastic coral encrusted tug boat at Abu Galawa, the caves of Sha’ab Claudio, also the shark and pelagic action at Sha’ab Manksur. Sataya is for a night dive but the highlight of Fury Shoal has to be Erg Abu Diab. Here the walls are sheer and a rich variety of hard and soft corals sea fans. You can see here  white tip  or crey reef sharks,  also  hammerheads.

Sha’ab Said

The depth of this site from  1 till 40m.  The main reef of Sha’ab Said is split by a canyon enjoy here amazing coral garden of soft and hard corals. The east side of the reef  very steeply and you can rapidly reach the place where the coral begins. Marine life is abundant,  on the north plateau boasts some spectacular corals. Almost on the surface you can see  large shoals of fish,  and in the  deep  turtles.

Be careful here  look out to catch a glimpse of white tip and grey reef sharks.

Sha’ab Hamam

The reef here is split by a canyon and coral garden  all  professional  divers who was in  this area   visit here. This dive site also features a striking arch that you can swim through, packed with black corals on both sides. The east side of the reef you can descend to a depth of 40 meters. There is ample opportunity to encounter big fish here: barracuda, grey reef and white tip reef sharks.

Habili B

This wonderful dive site is also known as Anemone City or Sama ( Heaven). The reef runs from east to west. The east side is split by a small canyon.  You  can  see  huge amount of anemones with clownfish inside. On the west side a lot of coral blocks at a depth of 1-22m.  With the  covered  soft corals and gorgonians. For sure you will see here some more fish it’s by luck, enjoy  hawk fish  and  make   a lot of photo for your memory about Red Sea, it  is absolutely jam-packed with fish. Depth: 1-25m.

Sha’ab Bohar Soraya

Enjoy depth till 24m if you are professional… if you are beginner no prtoblem. We have experience instructor which will be with you all your dive, trip in this site. Small reef spreads in an east-west direction,  swim for experienced divers only in 50 minutes.  A side of  plateau of the reef there are lots of small cracks and crevices to discover  inhabitants of the Red Sea,  from the smallest clownfish to and occasional white tip reef sharks.

Sha’ab Bohar Kebir

Depth is reached  25m.This site lies in the same direction (east-west). It is too big and you cannot  see the whole reef in one dive. On the east side, several pinnacles  cover the sandy bottom. Some of the pinnacles touch the surface you can see they are  covered in beautiful soft coral growth. Enjoy this coral garden. On the north  sandy plateau. The west side reef is a very interesting section with lots of small cracks where you can find  schooling barracuda. You can find lots of small coral blocks. Are carefully  in this site can be  white tip reef sharks and eagle rays.

Abu Galawa Soraya

Depth is the same as the previous site. This reef  is split into four pieces. The  experience divers can see here main attraction –  is a 17m long wreck.  This is the wreckage of an American sailing boat lying at 18m. And you can find  not a lot of corals here but  to see it  a treat for any diver. The second highlight  here you will find in   the middle of the reef. It is  magnificent hard coral garden. The site with  spectacular fire and soft corals,  many small coral blocks surround the reef offering up alternative places of interest.

Abu Galawa Kebir

This site is situated close to Abu Galawa Soraya. For explore experience divers here is the sunken Chinese tugboat on 26th October 1943. The wreck is around 34m long. The coral cover here is one of the most beautiful in the Red Sea. There is an amazing cave in the reef  where you discover napoleon wrasse, small reef sharks and spade fish. This is a very popular dive, you can take a lot of photo…Maximum depth of 40 meters.

Sha’ab Claudio

Depth:1-30m. This is one of the most well known, Sha’ab Claudio is a square-shaped reef with a south side that is full of caves. This is a paradise for photographers. As you enter the cave, often you can   meet  face to face with moray. Blue spotted stingrays lie on the sandy bottom. When  you exit the cave on the west side, you will find  a beautiful hard coral garden, so now  welcomes you at 22m below.  You will see here more beautiful corals which can discover in your diving. On the south side, you can find plentiful shoals of fish and three big napoleon wrasse and many moray eels.

Sha’ab Gannah

Depth to 26m. This dive site lies close to Sha’ab Claudio in a southwesterly direction.   It is a beautiful example of an untouched reef. Four large coral blocks are the mainstay of the life here, there is a sandy plateau at 26m  you will find  a few smaller blocks. And finally … a good chance to see sleeping sharks here.

Sha’ab Ini

Just 5 minutes northwest from Sha’ab Claudio near  the reef of Sha’ab Ini  runs from east to west. The main reef is on the west side and comprises many pinnacles closely packed together. Plenty of soft and hard corals populate the pinnacles and there is abundant fish life. The sandy bottom undulates up and down and slopes from around 12m to 28m. There are plenty of anthias and smaller species but it is also possible to encounter white tip reef sharks here and tuna.

Sha’ab Malahi

Dept here 25m. One of the most visited reefs. The main attraction here is the southern part of the reef. The reef formation  has craggy corals, canyons and labyrinthine caves, coral garden, all waiting to be discovered. Be sure  you can  find here blocs  with an amazing cover of hard and soft corals. Almost every kind of Red Sea fish can be found here. This is one of the most prolific dive sites in theRed Sea.

Sha’ab Sataya

Till 100 meters depth here. Situated south  is one of the most popular dives in the area, Site has a huge lagoon surrounded by an oval-shaped reef and when you will make your dive you can see here maybe a resident pod of bottlenose dolphins, large pelagic,  turtles The outer wall of Sataya offers some excellent dive.

Gotha Abu Diab 
Depth as in  Sha’ab Sataya. This is a conical reef . It’s possible to circumnavigate in around 30 minutes. The reef displays  marine life of Red sea… You can see here   hammerheads, also possible meet  grey reef and  thresher sharks,  longimanus, even when there is no  sharks, the amazing coral cover where you can enjoy  of schooling fish.

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HamataSites of Hamata Sites of Hamata Fury Shoal Fury Shoal is a large system of reefs growing on top a shallow shelf 13km (8 miles) offshore to the north of Ras Banas.  Here you can take excellent dives. These include the Tientsin, a fantastic coral encrusted tug boat at Abu Galawa, the caves of Sha'ab Claudio, also the shark and pelagic Read more

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