Sites of Marsa Alam

Sites of Marsa Alam


We can not say that the snorkeling – a very interesting and fun, so maybe snorkeling in Egypt engaged in almost all who come there for the rest, including the elderly and adolescents. Trying to shrug off all this? In vain! Even if you have never in my life thinking about how to try a mask with a tube, it is worth it to try and make sure that you will forever become a captive of this amazing underwater world and want to repeat the voyage over and over again.

Great, unique dive site for all divers, will gives a wilderness feel, but for good weather only. Enjoy a rare place with immaculate corals.

Sites include:

Torombi Pinnacles

 Enjoy where you will moving around the pinnacles  with the colorful hard corals  which host to thousands of small reef fish and also you can see here  scorpion fish, lion fish, you will  find a school of barracuda, will find the colorful hard corals are host to thousands of small reef fish  hawksbill turtle.

Marsa Torombi

This site has deep sea grass   where you can find the turtles,  you  explore here reef walls, in the  northern side you can see burr fish,…  but favorite for divers south reef ,  enjoy here large hard corals flank,  small lagoons, reef plate turtles and abundant unicorn fish. Also close to coral a large titan trigger fish.

Torombi Garden

Feature of the Red Sea is that it does not fall into any one river, the river and usually carry the silt and sand, significantly reducing the transparency of sea water. Therefore, water in the Red Sea is crystal clear. Here you will find a small lagoon its favorite for our guests.

Torfet Ali

10 minutes north of Port Ghalib this site included 5 beautiful sites for diving enjoys clear blue water of Red Sea. You will find some sand shelves here and its really very nice from this sea also has to explore reef tongues.

Torfet Abu Shash

Discover coral blocks of this site, where you can see wonderful colorful reef with unicorn fish, or reef fish of all shapes and sizes, you will reach your experience in this dive site when you swim around large pinnacle, exploring the cracks in the shallow reef. Here you can find some shrimp fish.


You can move here from north to south and discover this nice dive site which included coral banks enjoy reef wall where you maybe will find large tuna, anthias, eagle, large schools of fusiliers as its favorite place for them or maybe some more fishes…

Villa (Kharafi)

 This site looks like hard coral. You will find here beautiful coral gardens where a lot of different small fish. Also  hawksbill turtle make this site as her home  and  it  loves divers  and maybe even pose for  your  camera…. we wish you good luck here!

Halg Nigma

The reef is favorite for our guests and for dive guides. Reef has   beautiful lagoon,  plateau with the large pinnacle, largest individual coral colonies where you can see  coral polyps, explore the reef wall when you move to dun… can you find here red anemone?-  is the place to dive! Enjoy you dive time in very beautiful Sea which we offer to you and you can watch here butterfly fish, angelfish, goat fish,  glass fish,  sweepers,  groupers,  trevallys,  fang blennies,  pipe fish.

Shaab Ghalib

Site will open to you large tongues of coral and small canyons, you can find here large schools of fusiliers, butterfly fish, angelfish, goat fish you will see by your self a lot of different kind of fish if you are experience diver, but if you are beginner your instructor will accompany you around the site or will bring you to the deep to help you to explore the beautiful Red Sea underwater world!

Marsa Mubarak

The largest and most versatile offer 7 different sites it is chance to see everything from puffer fishes to dugongs, giant green sea turtles to trunk fishes and more… Here you can view different kind of sea grass, pinnacles, in coral garden and on the reef walls you will see all kind off the flora and fauna the Red Sea. Site for all levels of diver.


Panorama is one of the largest single reefs west side soft coral on both sides there lots of different corals and fish species. Explore here very big stone fish, lionfish, giant morays, reef fish, bright fluorescent-orange giant anemone with its resident clown fish, needle fish, titan trigger fish,   turtles, and yellow tail barracuda are regular visitors in this site.

Shaab Abu Ziyad

For the trained only! Start of the dive here coral garden with beautiful hard coral where you can see red anemone, then continue around large pinnacles and near reef wall. You will see a lot of interesting here and later you can enjoy the photo which you make here in this our diving trip.


This site call Madrassah what mean school from Arabic so we offer you for training course. A favorite for photographers, enjoy here patient fish life, will find stone fish, scorpion fish, pipe fish, frog fish and crocodile fish. However dive slowly when you head around the corner and you will meat here with juvenile fish, even you can enjoy anemone city.

El Aruk Goa

Swim… dive and you will find here coral blocks with beautiful pinnacles are reached included different fishes, when you across some sea grass coral you can meet face to face large parrot fish or   green sea turtles.

Sea grass

Try this site you will find nice corals and maybe if you will swim around you will see a lot of fish which located in Red Sea. Here favorite place for the green turtles, honeycomb, feather tail rays, dugong.

Farsha Sahab

You can watch the marine life, as soon immersed in water

In this hard coral garden, when you dive, you can feel like you are flying over clouds, have and enjoy impression filling.

Anywhere else in the world will you find such a wealth of flora and fauna, as in the Red Sea, where the data resides on a rough more than a thousand species of fish and there are about 250 species of corals.

Habili Gudda

Make diving now near excellent main reef with the  large coral where you can enjoy  little in the deep dolphins, shark, tuna and eagle rays. And if you will be near sure face you will see a lot of reef fish. Fish life is hugely abundant here. The surface of coral, or simply the surface of the Red Sea this is a popular place for young fish.

Shaab Abu Mahmoud

We offer you  very beautiful dive site for all diving levels, you will find here coral  reef where you can enjoy inhabitants of the Red Sea. This  site  is home for  goat fish,  unicorn fish  even divers some times can see here white-tip reef shark.

Halg Salmaan

Red Sea abounds with various kinds of sea creatures. Only in the Red Sea, we can see a variety of fish species, some of them anywhere else in the world.

You can make here 2 very different diving as we offer 2 kind of sites. You will find here lagoon which favorite place for  spinner dolphins.


Reef with 2 plateaus. South side more popular corals great life Marine excellent, here you can fined some spectacular caves six pinnacles you can swim around and explore  pipe fish, cleaner wrasse, angelfish,  large gorgonian,  sea fans, yellow trigger fish,  emperors fighting with a trevally and hump head wrasse.


 This name meaning ‘nursery’.

You will start in  a small lagoon where you can enjoy the corals,  reef wall and amazing pinnacles. If you’ve never been diving believe it fascinating, informative session. You will get there adrenaline, the feeling which you will not experience anywhere else in the world. Dive into the depths of the beautiful Red Sea … At least once (although who once tried to come to us again and again). Floating around the corral to watch juvenile fish, eagle ray, large black and twin spot snappers, large napoleon wrasse,  and other fish, which live here.

Marsa Shouna (Shouni Kebir)

You can have magic encounters. Incredible! Offering some of the most picturesque favorite spot of live boards dive sites “Large Bay of the Market” with the large corals  is probably most famous sea grass, eagle, leopard, feather-tail, grey,  thorny rays are all regularly spotted alongside a large school of golden trevallies and a menagerie of different snake eels. If you are lucky  to meet a giant green sea turtle. Here take your attention  will be split between a dugong, a guitar shark and a turtle.

Ras Shouna

National Park.

There are unique, very fine corals.   From the north  to south side you can fined each of them   all shapes and sizes. Also has  sand plateau. You have great chance to see turtles on your  dive! Any way you can see more: as the guitar rays, banner , parrot fish, butterfly fish, goat fish, blue spot rays  and of course barracudas.


Now we offer to you colorful reef, rich in its diversity which includes a large number of copies of flora and fauna is “proud” of the Red Sea. You will find  snappers, batfish, goat fish and fusiliers, crocodile fish, lion fish and scorpion fish. This is a dive you could do again and again.

Shouna Sea grass

Take now  a classic dive where you can swim  around two shallow pinnacles. Interested in divers  these large fish come very close, so you can see here  large whiptail rays, green turtles,  pipe fish, snake eels,  shrimp fish,  and golden trevallies.

Shaab Sireer

Red Sea is one of the top diving destinations in the world, where the desert meets the water , its truly one of the planet’s most exotic and fascinating natural seascape environments. Now we are in the Shaab Sireer. The ‘bed reef’ could be named after the lazy speed of the water. You can see here  sleeping green turtles,  snapper, bream cruising posing for pictures and maybe some more fish…

Shaab Abu Khaled

The Red Sea – the saltiest sea ocean. In 1 liter of water here contains 41 grams of salt.

Interesting to swim in this reef along wall . When you reach the bottom  you will find  sandy areas and all your swimming  you can enjoy here colorful soft corals. Get to know with green turtle which was chosen to host the site. A surprising number of red snappers… and of course you can find here large shoals unicorn fish, fuseliers and  congregate.

Ras El Torfa

Highlight being for dive here and enjoy your time in the bet full site which  has  three very different dives stunning corals , enormous ball of rock. Swim near  coral  schooling fishes, white tip reef sharks, mantas. We offer for you  good visibility and excellent corals  in this dive site.

Etnin Galawa

From Arabic  its “two lagoons”

This very marvelous coral site. You can explore the reef wall with the coral is the star mixing it with huge salad corals. Swim by pinnacle infested with boxer shrimp and also in the site you will see  hhawksbill turtles. Enjoy your time in young Red Sea.

The air temperature in the coldest period (December-January) the day is 20-25 degrees, the hottest month – August, more than 35-40 degrees, and even sometimes up to 50 degrees. Due to hot climate, the coast of Egypt, even in winter the water temperature never drops below 20 degrees, and in summer reaches 27.

Abu Siyal

The boat will stop for you near natural lagoon  and you can swim to main reef where you will see picturesque pinnacle. You can play with some small fish here or take a photo from the  hawksbill turtles. Also you will see  shrimp,  puffer fish, and goat fish.  You will find anthias and other small fish life in the  salad  of corals.

Kora Kebir

For advanced divers only.

The quality and diversity of corals, marine flora and fauna of the Red Sea has no equal in the Northern Hemisphere. In main reef ofKora Kebir  you will find and we hope you will enjoy unique coral that will amaze all divers who dive here. When  you  coming across a deep you can explore  sand plateau. Enjoy the school of  barracuda.

Shaab Salata

 Named after some very large salad corals.

 Enjoy unique and incredibly rich underwater world of tropical seas.
Stretching along the Egyptian coast coral reefs is a kind of vital center that attracts a lot of fish. Affects the diversity of corals, which can be round, flat, branched, and have other fantastic shapes and colors – from pale yellow to brown and  from pink  to blue. But color is only living coral, after death, they lose their soft tissue and the covering is only white calcium skeleton. You can find here  hawksbill turtles, the usual Red Sea fish,  and black-tip reef shark.

Marsa Shouni Soraya

Ideal for new and experienced divers.  You can see here baby eagle rays reefs are teeming with shrimps, scorpion fishes,  barracuda,  hawksbill turtle,  dolphins,   even whale shark have seen recently. Bay an hour south of Port Ghalib.

El Lesan

 In the Red Sea common bottlenose dolphins, various types of striped dolphin and killer whale. It is quite possible to meet the water and the green turtle. Amazing elongated echinoderms – sea cucumber – live on the seabed, are found sharks. Enjoy  this reef with the beautiful corals  where you will see a lot of fish as  scorpion fish or  crocodile fish.

Talata Tabba

 Red sea  to “shelter” many marine animals which you can enjoy here : moray eels are adapted to life on the reefs, can reach 3 meters in length and have a pretty awesome view. But, basically, if they do not tease, they are not dangerous to humans. Napoleon fish that got its name from the characteristic protuberance on the head, which resembles a hat the French Emperor. Angelfish,  butterfly fish, clown fish and the sultan has bright color.

The 3 large table corals give name for this reef which included  soft corals, reef wall is perfect, and the sandy bottom is home to blue spotted rays and goat fish schools.

Nos WA Nos

…”I was floating like a bird. The world around me and the endless blue. Far beneath me fancy,  nice decorated tower. Colorful birds – or, perhaps, fish – are circling around these mysterious structures … I had the courage to enter a place where nobody ever goes to me. I am one … I do not live in the middle Ages, and in the twentieth century – and yet all around me nascent continents, not trampled and unexplored… ”  – wrote a pioneer of diving in  Red Sea.

Now you can try or continue it too! Discover sand plateau here  which included  3 large pinnacles. You have a chance to see here  large rays, barracuda, bicolor chromic fish giving the site its name ‘half and half’.

Marsa Morena

If you’re in love with the sea adventurer with a strong character, or just want to try something new – and enjoy diving in the azure waters of the Red Sea. Take contrasting dives from caves to pinnacles. The unique angle of the bay abundance of life barracuda, velvet fish as well as a wealth of soles, flounders, torpedo rays.

Torfet Badawia

You will be in small lagoon where you can make your diving, enjoy the  corals, explore the pinnacle of this wonderful site, here you can find beautiful coral gardens and a diverse array of fish. One can say that “the endless blue world” obsessed almost the entire planet.

Shaab Tarabesa

Open for you this coral site which named after a large table coral, enjoy  very beautiful reefs, and fish aquamarine color, swim near  pinnacle at 12mt. You will find  lovely coral encrusted pinnacles, where you can enjoy  hawksbill turtles,  variety of rays and fish here, and watch out for a resident warty frog fish.

Shaab Bohar

Named of black & white and twin spot snappers.

South reef has some great coral growth with sea grass. Enjoy  interesting large pinnacles

 Here often spot small green turtles, Dennis, dugong. Sand plateau covered in soles, flounders and partner gobies.

Abu Dabab

“Abu Dabab”  means  Father’s stepping stones. Local legend has it when an earthquake struck it was because the Gods were using the stones to cross the sea.

The depth of the site –  up to 25 meters, site located  30km north of Marsa Alam.  Best  diving here in deeper area, but only for professional divers. Dive site suitable –   for all diving levels depend of the depth. Here you will find beautiful coral garden  with colorful fish and corals, dramatic cave system and a small wreck the Abu Dabab.  Abu Dabab is perhaps the most popular of all Marsa Alam‘s dive sites and for good chance as it is probably the best place to get close to sea  the dugong.  A Dugong is a large herbivorous marine mammal, brownish or dark grey in color,  with no dorsal fin or hind limbs but with paddle like forelimbs and a dolphin like tail. Their favorite food – sea grass. Consequently they are sometimes referred to as “sea cows.”

You will see  here large napoleon wrasse which patrol its reefs, or to watch enormous moray eels guard its coral blocks abundant with fish, maybe you will find  remora fish  or any attracting large pelagic including sharks, large whiptail rays, pygmy pipe horses, guitar sharks (it’s not aggressive). However never touch them. Also excellent location here for large turtles.  These surprisingly large animals are usually happy to allow divers to approach close to them,  to take a great photo.


 It is magnificent dive, experienced divers only  can enjoy  a large cigar-shaped offshore reef. Diving depth – 20 to 70 meters . Location  of this site – 50km north east of Marsa Alam. You will find  here coral   plateau, some 180 meters long and 20 meters wide.

Diving here exhilarating and spectacular. It is jewel in our crown soft corals. The steep walls (deep into the blue, richly  decorated with soft corals where you can  see sponges,  large gorgonian and fans.) its  covered in coral of all colors where you can fined stone fish  if  you are lucky enough also you can see nudibranchs,  large pelagic including oceanic white tip sharks, tuna and barracuda as well as hammerheads, anthias, long nose, hawkish,  snapper, reef fish population, large barracuda, manta rays, oceanic white tip sharks silvertip, tiger, grey reef,  napoleons and turtles here abundance of fish life. The northern plateau is home to schooling hammerhead  sharks.

Sha’ab Samadai

Diving depth  here – 15 to 25 meters.
Often named ‘Dolphin House’ spinner dolphins. Enjoy a horseshoe shaped reef (six reefs in total here) turquoise water lagoon. Dive to the coral garden with  carpet of sea grass and underwater caves system with small caves. The reef attracts an enormous variety of sea life including jacks, tuna, blue lunar fusiliers, black snapper and lone barracuda, oceanic white tip sharks, discover  schools of reef fish, populated by  reef fish sharks, dolphins. Also you  will find wreckage of a small ship. 

Wreck of the Hamada

Top class dives – so unique!

‘Wreckies’ will delight in the snorkelers or divers. Explore the wreck of the Hamada lying on its starboard side at 15mt it makes for a nice subject for photographers:  this two-part wreck that sank in mysterious circumstances in 1993. Masts and ropes are still attached, you can see   intact propeller and the holds, cabins….now smothered in fledgling hard corals. Enjoy here butterfly fish, parrot fish.

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