Two Days Trip to Petra and the Wadi Rum

1st Day:

We will pick you up directly from the entrance door of your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh at about 2:00 am; you will recognize our driver by a sign with your name in his hand. He will bring you to Taba from where you will take the ferry to Aqaba in Jordan, and he will also help you to pass the border control. Petra.

After you have arrived in Aqaba, our guide will take you to your destination. The ride to Petra will take around two hours.

Petra has recently been rated amongst the top seven during an unofficial worldwide ranking that should nominate the New Seven Wonders of the World, and in 1985 it was designated a UNESCO World Heritage Site – and it definitely deserves these merits. The numerous rock cut tombs in huge dimensions are simply impressive and considering the fact that these monuments were not just built up, but actually completely carved into the sandstone rocks will leave you more than impressed by this nearly forgotten ancient culture that experienced its period of prosperity in the 1st century BC, then lost more and more of its importance and richness and remained as a small province in Petra until the 7thcentury AD.

You will not be taken directly to Petra itself – first you must cross al-Siq, a dimly lit, partly quite narrow gorge. It is not a long hike, but anyway against a small supplement you can hire a camel, a horse, a donkey or a horse carriage.

Al-Siq will lead you straightly to the city and in front of the most famous building: Al Khazneh – The Treasury, known from countless pictures, postcards, travel magazines and even movies. By the way the name ‘Treasury’ does not refer to the building’s original function, but to the local lore telling that later a great treasure had been hidden here – actually it was a (probably royal) tomb.

The residential houses and the infrastructural buildings almost completely disappeared during the centuries, as Petra was left by its inhabitants already around 1,400 years ago and forgotten by the western world around the 12th century AD, and only few remains can be seen until now. Just the rock cut tombs survived earthquakes, conquests and abandonments, and the families of a regional Bedouin tribe even used them as accommodation until they had to leave the area due to tourism around the 1970/80s.

The ‘Treasury’ is about 40 meters high and 25 meters wide, and you will find several other gigantic monuments. One of the noblest tombs and also the one of the biggest size is Ad Deir, ‘The Monastery’, which is almost 50 meters wide and 45 meters high and located a bit out of town, accessible by a short hike. It is supposed to have been not a tomb, but a kind of temple dedicated to a deified Nabatean king, and when the population converted to Christianity in the 4th century AD, it served as a monastery which led to today’s name.

Further you can discover the Street of Facades, the former city center, with its numerous rock cut tombs and some Nabatean and Byzantine remains, and in its end the Theatre, built by the Nabateans and enlarged by the Roman occupants, finally offering space for more than 5,000 spectators. If you take a short walk up the hill, you will besides see a number of exceedingly big tombs, known as the Royal Tombs.

Take your time to explore this amazing lost city; you will be stunned by the grandeur of its architectonical and artistic masterpieces and delighted by the magical atmosphere.

After this unforgettable visit we will take you to your hotel in Petra where you will spend the night.

2nd Day:

After breakfast we will pick you up from your hotel by 4×4 jeep and you will make a trip through the Wadi Rum, one of the most impressive and most beautiful desert landscapes in the world. See bizarre rock formations, colored sands and sparkling springs and enjoy the peaceful atmosphere and the wide nature that will provide you a unique feeling of freedom. You will be enchanted by this unforgettable place and its rough beauty!

After this exciting ride you will have lunch in a local restaurant and then we will bring you back to the ferry from Aqaba to Taba and from there back to your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh.


  • All mentioned transfers in high-class vehicles with A/C
  • Ferry trips Taba – Aqaba – Taba
  • Guided tours in your language
  • Entrance fee for Petra
  • Breakfast box on the 1st day
  • Lunch on the 1st and on the 2nd day in different local restaurants in Jordan
  • One night hotel accommodation in Petra
  • Dinner on the 1st and breakfast on the 2nd day in your hotel in Petra
  • Mineral water and soft drinks

Not included:

  • Gratuity (tips) for drivers and tour guides
  • Personal items, meals, drinks or services not mentioned
  • International and domestic flights
  • Visa

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Sharm El-Sheikh

Sharm El-SheikhTwo Days Trip to Petra and the Wadi Rum 1st Day: We will pick you up directly from the entrance door of your hotel in Sharm El Sheikh at about 2:00 am; you will recognize our driver by a sign with your name in his hand. He will bring you to Taba from where you Read more

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