Sites of Dahab

Sites of Dahab

Blue Hole

The Blue Hole is one of Dahab‘s most famous dive sites. It is ideally located for people staying in Dahab, excellent dive for fans of the deep blue.

Blue Hole is on east Sinai a few kilometers north of Dahab a kind of cave), around 130 m deep. The places around 6 m deep, known as ‘the saddle and a 26 m long tunnel, known as the arch. Site depth over 60 meters, has an abundance of coral, reef fish, jacks, barracuda, reef sharks numerous shoals,  different fish species, turtle, clownfish, red anemone in 10m depth. Also you can see here   black corals.  Look out for sharks and manta rays. At night this reef comes to life. You can enjoy here Spanish dancers, its beautiful to watch in motion.

The Blue Hole popularly called “World’s Most Dangerous Dive Site” the site is considered unsuitable for beginners. Even dangerous and a potential trap for experienced divers.


The underwater world of the sea is unique. The waters of the Red Sea, home to over 1,250 species of marine fish, mammals and other marine fauna. Enjoy the contemplation of the underwater world in this famous reef. Here you will find a spectacular wall dive of amazing beauty, colorful hard coral, clownfish, anemones, jacks, barracuda (The maximum recorded size barracuda – 200 cm, weight – 50 kg), possibly white-tip and grey reef sharks.


The Canyon is one of the most popular dive sites in Dahab. It is a fantastic dive for all levels. Located next to Blue Hole – is most interesting dives, classic Canyon for all fanatics of caves, up to 10 meters high. Spectacular, colorful – or more dangerous – than Blue Hole. Descend down to the rock and follow the fissure until you find the wide entrance. The site teeming life. Here you can see beautiful coral gardens with a large glassfish, butterfly fishes, unicorn fishes, octopus, puffer fish, of course Red Sea anthias, small fish, fans, eels and dozens of fish species, lionfish.

Coral Gardens

The quality and diversity of corals, marine flora and fauna of the Red Sea has no equal in the Northern Hemisphere. So enjoy your diving in the wonderful Red Sea. This site is great for underwater photography. You will go south towards this beautiful rounded wall large swim through a sandy maze with hard and soft corals and you will find napoleon fish and some more…

Eel garden

A truly spectacular site for coral is excellent dive. In garden eels where you can see a lot eels of on a sandy seabed, hundreds of sand eels protrude out of their burrows,  some 10-15 m deep funny, lot many different species of fish on the reefs, many small grey morays, lionfish, damsels, basslets, parrots, grouper, lyretail cod and gobies to see. You’ll see some of the brightest and most colorful coral inDahab rich variety of table corals, and luxuriant coral reefs which can take a lot of exploring. Also you can discover here 2 ships which the wreck disappeared after a storm Yolanda and Dunraven.

Gabr el Bint

One of the most attractive sites of North Sinai.  Two dives possible here chasms, sandy ravines and overhangs healthy  corals, colorful featuring a forest of gorgonians, anthias, glassfish…Its  good change that you will spot turtles, eagle rays and very rarely whale sharks at this reef.

Golden Blocks

The Red Sea is full of straight-away fish. Just mesmerizing. You can try by your self to see it when you will go underwater. It’s no problem if you never try before we have very professional instructor for you which will be all you’re diving with you to give you comfortable filling and you can enjoy your trip…Dive site perfect for beginners. You can enjoy here eagle rays or tuna. Also site has one wreck sunk several years ago which can see just experience divers.


Excellent reef that contains much life, perfect for beginners this site presents many different sorts of dives.

A spectacular variety of corals, make it a very popular dive site. Wall reveals an extraordinary diversity of fish and coral species. TheLighthouse offers a number of different dives depending on the route chosen, and the sprawling coral gardens offer an abundance of marine life and vividly colorful corals. Here you can explore a fantastic range of coral, fish life and also makes an ideal first technical dive in Dahab. The underwater terrain is quite varied; you will see isolated boulders and slopes down to 35m.


In the sea grass which you will find here – enjoy resident turtle. A large pinnacle which attracts plenty of life including glassfish, pajama slugs, lots of lionfish,  even large groupers, large eagle rays, dolphins, moray eels are seen here more than any other site in Dahab.  Also beautiful table corals schools of fusiliers and the occasional napoleon fish.

Moray gardens

Easy to enter even on windy days. This site is suitable for  beginners. Here you will swim around hard coral reef at 10 meters deep dive in a sheltered lagoon perfect for safety stops. This is favorite place for turtles.

Napoleon Reef

In Napoleon reef you will find beautiful soft corals, also black corals and different fish like eagle rays, feather tail rays, turtles, hammerhead shark lurking around here, napoleon fish, which give the name of the reef.

Shoese tump

Explore unusual entry point – a hole in the reef table with a 20m narrow tunnel leading out onto a fantastic pinnacle on the reef .You can swim here across valleys and troughs enjoy the beautiful Red Sea. Here some sea-grass where you can find seahorses, and more another fish.

The Caves

If you are looking at different kilned of fish in Red Sea, we invite you to make diving with us. Now we offer you The Caves dive site. Just try it and you will like it more and more…Here really you can discover thee caves…This site give you chance to make fantastic photo for your memory. You can watch red anemone on the southern side of the reef.

The island

This dive site never disappoints accessible to all certification levels. Here no more than 18m deep, you can enjoy like diving a maze. This site is a favorite for the beginners. A coral maze where you can see Red Sea flora and fauna, believe Red Sea coral at its best. You will find here three giant pinnacles where you enjoy valleys and lagoons full of every reef fish and you never imagine you can see it here. One of the lagoons is home to thousands of juvenile barracuda, trivially, large snapper. An earthquake 10 years ago collapsed huge sections of the reef exposing holes and cracks that are rapidly filling up with renewed coral growth. Discover intricate seascape where the corrals densely covered with pristine coral, and enjoy the fish like: snappers, surgeon, unicorn fish together with sea bream, emperors, triggerfish, birdnose wrasse, lionfish, lots of small coral fishes, large shoals of young barracuda, and other curious fish.

Bannerfish Bay

In the Red Sea common bottlenose dolphins, various types of striped dolphin and killer whale. It is quite possible to meet  green turtle. Amazing elongated echinoderms – sea cucumber – live on the seabed, are found sharks. Some ichthyologists and divers claim that the nature of sharks quite peaceable, and they are extremely shy. Seeing the people they seek to withdraw as soon as possible. Moray eels are adapted to life on the reefs, can reach 3 meters in length and have a pretty awesome view. But, basically, if they do not tease, they are not dangerous to humans. Here you can meet  napoleon fish, which resembles a hat the French Emperor. Different bright color angelfish and butterfly fish, clown fish and the sultan.

We invite you now to Bannerfish Bay site. It does have lots of interesting life! Often you can see here   seahorses, sea grass, ghost, pipe fish, frogfish, triggerfish, moray eels and of course tons of banner fish, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, lobsters and more! Bannerfish Bay is also a favorite spot for night dives.

Three pools

There is collection of three sandy lagoons, which has isolated pinnacles. Turtles are a common sight here….  harmless fish floating peacefully here but are also a lot of unpleasant and unexpected surprises as leopard shark (like this dive site).  In sandy lagoons you can find stonefish, sea moths and seahorses.

Um Sid

You want to discover Red Sea more?…You want to know some information about it, make diving here?…The name presumably given to the Red Sea, probably from the presence in him a significant amount of microscopic algae Frishodesmium erythraeum, taking in a period of a reddish color. Now we offer toy you new dive site which name Um Sid. One of the sites in the Southern Oasis. Not so much fishes, but you can enjoy eagle rays, blue spotted rays and   on the sand Garden Eels.

Abu Halal

The Red Sea – the saltiest sea ocean. In 1 liter of water here contains 41 grams of salt.

Stretching along the Egyptian coast coral reefs is a kind of vital center that attracts a lot of fish. Affects the diversity of corals, which can be round, flat, branched, and have other fantastic shapes and colors – from pale yellow to brown,  pink  to  blue. But color is only living coral, after death, they lose their soft tissue and the covering is only white calcium skeleton.

Another name of this site which we offer to you now headland of the Crescent Moon. There is a great deal of life. The coral gardens are really quite exceptional, with lots of different species of coral and fish: schools of sergeant major fish, turtles… Abu Halal is about 4 km north of Dahab.

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